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Some of the most successful startups in history began when the Founders decided to “scratch their own itch”. They had a problem, couldn’t find anyone offering a good solution, so decided to build it themselves.

Sometimes, it turns out that lots of other people have the same problem and a company is born. That’s how Facebook and Airbnb started, and that’s how we started too.

The first app we built was for one of our Co-Founders, a famous Thai fitness influencer called Fit Kab Dao. The app was an instant success, collecting hundreds of 5* reviews and reaching number 1 in the App Store on its very first day.

When other influencers saw the success of the Fit Kab Dao app they wanted one too. We recognised the size of the opportunity and created our company, App Sabai.

App Sabai makes it easy for influencers to stand out from the crowd by having their own mobile apps for iPhone and Android without them having to hire any developers or write a single line of code.

We’re a SaaS company with a small team today that’s thinking big about tomorrow.

If you love to learn, are ready to progress quickly, and want to be rewarded well for working hard, then this might be the perfect role for you.

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